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Advanced Rules of online Backgammon

Don't forget to check also the Basic Rules of online Backgammon.


An option whereby a player, when doubled, can immediately re-double the stake again but retain possession of the cube.


Doubling the beaver immediately.

Crawford Rule

In the event that one player is a single point away from winning a match, the Crawford Rule dictates that the doubling cube cannot be used in the next game. Doubling is available as normal after this 'Crawford game'.

Jacoby Rule

In a single game, the Jacoby rule means gammons and backgammons will only count as one point if the doubling cube has not been used at least once.

Tournaments, Matches and Games

Single Games

A single game is played for a pre-defined stake with the usage of the doubling cube. After each game, any of the players can decide to finish the session, or to play another game for the same stake. Options such as automatic doubles, beavers, raccoons, or the Jacoby Rule may apply to single games.

A match is won by the first player to accumulate a predetermined number of points. This goal can be reached in one or several games, depending on the value of the cube during a game. Points are awarded in the usual manner: one for a single game, two for a gammon, and three for a backgammon. The doubling cube is used, so the winner receives the value of the game multiplied by the final value of the doubling cube.

Matches are always played using the Crawford rule. Neither automatic doubles nor beavers, raccoons or the Jacoby rule are used in match play.


Tournaments are usually composed of matches, where pairs play a series of games to find a winner, who then progresses to the next round.


A player can resign from a game or a match in order to speed up play if he is hopelessly behind, and the outcome is certain.

When a player resigns, he chooses whether to resign a game as single, a gammon, where he loses twice as many points, or a backgammon, where he loses three times as many points.

If a player offers to resign, his opponent can reject the bid, in which case the game will continue. If the offer is accepted, the game ends, and the winner receives the appropriate number of points.


If a player becomes disconnected, he has three minutes to reconnect and continue playing the game. To do so, he must simply log in again, and the disconnected game will be resumed automatically. If the player does not return within three minutes, he or she will lose the match (see our Disconnection Policy). Tournaments are subject to a separate Tournament Disconnection Policy, which depends on the speed of the game.

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